Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I Did a Thing!

Sorry I was a bit incommunicado over the weekend. Saturday morning we got up good and early. The sun was shining so lonelydumptruck stained/water seated the back deck while I sat outside and wrote.

I did 3 very short skits. They are only six or seven lines each but I am pretty proud of how they came out. But then, my Ducklings and Swans...

...I wrote a 6-page play!

I know, it's just 6 pages, but it super fun and (I hope!) really funny. I haven't gotten any feedback from my co-teacher or boss, I don't even know if they are doing either my play or the skits yet, I'll find out tomorrow, but I am proud enough of it I am going to submit it to that free site to see if they will publish it. The hardest part so far is that they have very specific formatting requirements.

lonelydumptruck went to help his friend buy a bike while I typed up my scripts, then over to help Rodney with a project. Rodney bought a pull-along carrier for their 85 pound puppy so Griff can go on long bike rides with him and swimforeveruni. I joined them for a test run at the local tennis courts. Griff made it about two loops before he'd pull out of his harness and make a run for it. It's a work in progress.

swimforeveruni and Rodney came over to hang out after that. We cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers and talked into the night. Even Neighbor Lady stopped by for a bit before her snooze alarm went off and she needed to go snooze on her blankie.

We slept in a touch Sunday. It was Jay's Special Lady-Friend's birthday but lonelydumptruck forgot to tell me they had a BBQ planned to celebrate. Right after breakfast we headed out to get her a present and BBQ offerings but, by the time we got home, Jay had texted she wasn't feeling well so we just chilled for the rest of the day.

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