Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Fun Times

It's been an eventual day. I slept in a tiny bit, we were up late watching Schitt$ Creek.

I was worn out from work, even though it was only a 4-hr shift officially. The director's son ia my new buddy. A good part of my day is spent answering "Guess what?!?", learning about Animal Crossing, suggesting things to draw and trying to remember characters that are Pokémon, not Neopets. I know a lot more about Neopets.

lonelydumptruck has had a frustrating week at work so we ordered too much Chinese food and then headed over to Lori-O's house. Her boyfriend's band was playing a concert in her driveway. They were down a few members so it started out as standards, with Scott using an amp as a drum (I shit you not), then a duo with him on drums and the guitarist singing. It was a fabulous time.

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