Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thursday Theatre Thoughts

oh holy hot dogs, my Ducklings and Swans! Did I see something epically strange and wonderful last night!

For background, I have a feeling most of you know my love of zombie movies. One of my dream projects is the stage version of Night of the Living Dead.

So last night, Facebook popped an ad for Thespie, a site curating links to streaming plays, musicals, podcasts and the like. One of the links was to a production of Night of the Living Dead.

No guesses how fast I mashed that button.

But it was not at all what I was expecting.

It was from a company in Leeds called Imitating the Dog. It's 7 actors performing a shot-for-shot version of the movie on stage while filming themselves performing and their footage is projected side by side with the movie. Then they juxtaposed some of the scenes with what was happening in the US during that time in history. So the scene where they are trying to get out to the gas pump is shown and performed in front of footage of the Tet Offensive while a verse of Born in the USA plays.

It is absolutely riveting!
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