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Week in Review

April 17 and it snowed. WTF! It has NEVER snowed this late in the season before and it's weirding me out! I like snow, don't get me wrong, but this is APRIL!

We have had to say goodbye to our old, faithful Subaru. After many years of strong service, his clutch finally blew out. This is the second Sube to have had clutch trouble. Mark is wondering if it is just something with the breed or if it is time to look into getting an automatic. I keep warning him that if he does, we will become a 2 diver family.

R&J opened and went very, very well last night. I've been bragging about the cast in other journals, so I will not digress here. Kathy got me a Queen puppet (dressed all in black) but the best gift I got opening night was an email from the administrator of the company telling me she has the tax forms I need to fill out to get on payroll....
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