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1. What do you think the phrase "heavily monstered" means - as in this sentence; "... I will be the first independent candidate for governor since they dragged a heavily monstered Sam Houston out from under a bridge."? (no google, please, I want to know what you think)

2. If you were going to spend a year as a caretaker in a remote location (think The Shining), what are 4 things you would have to have with you?

3. What's for lunch?

Apparently the questions are taking over my brain. I had a dream that I was part of a squad that had to go into a building where a nuclear bomb was going to be detonated and talk to the people there. Not warn them or help them evacuate, just ask questions. I thought we were focusing on the guy who was going to do it at first, but then I guess the dream was about talking to everyone. I was interviewing to one woman and, as her neighbor walked by, she called out, "Hey, what did you answer for 'if you could be any evil person in history, who would you be?' because I said -" and her friend just cut her off "Nancy Griffith" and kept walking. The woman then proceeded to pitch a fit about how her friend was going to win with an answer like that. (and no, I don't know why either. If you had asked me what I have against Nancy Griffith before this dream I would have said 'nothing, why?' but I guess my brain wasn't sharing something.)

By the way, ">

This is really fun, you should come play.
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