Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

So I Learned Something Today!

I called to check on my Uncle H.O today. He's got a flu, but he's in good spirits and kicking along just fine.

I coughed on the phone and he started lecturing me about staying safe and well. I assured him I was checking my temperature, but it was a tiny, little bit high yesterday: 98.5, high for me.

"Oh! You get that from my side of the family! Me, all my girls, we all run about 97.3-97.8! My grandpa Emo, he was 97.5 too! Know what he did when he was a young man? He was a carny! Yeah! He was a roustabout and helped put up them big tents. Know what he did the rest of the time, when thems was set up or later on at carnivals? He had him a little organ that stood on one leg that he strapped to his shoulder and a monkey! Monkey had a little black and red suit and all. And Judy? She ran away from home to take up with him. I dunno when they got married, if it was after Carl or Daisy was born or after that, but yeah. Know what she did? At night they popped pop corn over a fire and the next day she made caramel corn and sold it too the kids!"

There. That's a thing I know about my family.

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