Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

On the Town

lonelydumptruck and I went out on a crazy date night Friday night. I took the day off and did practically nothing more than sit on the couch and listen to an audiobook while playing Sims.

We had a plan to go to the local oyster bar, which I adore, but we were both hungrier than just shooters, fresh oysters and crsckers so a decision had to be made...we got oysters, I had champagne and then we headed to the steakhouse across the street to eat more!

I got escargot, which I haven't had for years. Because I mentioned I've been craving crab, lonelydumptruck made sure I ordered the crab and petite fillet while he got a steak. The crab was perfect, the steak was a touch tough.

We gorged ourself, sipped Manhattans, boxed up leftovers for breakfast and raced off to catch the late night showing of Parasite. That movie I just don't have the words for how amazing it was.

We got home late, watched a couple episodes of the Expanse and called it a very perfect night.

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