Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I have a wet, sandy ass!!

Almost first thing this afternoon we went for a long walk on the beach. This whole trip has been so surreal I hardly know what to say. I got hugged by a Santa in a blue suit, after all. El Santa Azul rocked.

We had dinner in courses over 4 or 5 hours - kebabs, spicy shrimp, fruit, presents, green salad, all the beer, all the was a very good Xmas.

After digesting and drinking Jay, Lori, Mark and I went out to feed the cats. There is a huge semi-feral cat population down near the river. They all look very happy, friendly and well-fed but not one of them looks a day over 2. It´s like the Logan´s Run of cat cities. Lori and I ädopted¨ 2 kittens but one of them was adopted for real last night. We were standing there, cooing over the black one (Esteban) and the white one (Whitey) when this lady just walked up Öh! White!¨ I agreed that Whitey was, indeed, un gato blanco, and she scooped him up, sang ¨Feliz Navidad¨and walked away with him, leaving us gobsmacked and Esteban to his own devices. Mark is pretty sure Esteban is an orphan. I´m pretty sure he´s coming home in someones´bag.

We hung out at la playa for a bit after that. There was dueling live music from opposite sides of the road one was a techno violin act performing everything from Enya and Vivaldi to the Beatles and ABBA. Jay bought all 5 of their CDs. The violinist was cute but he was too shy to talk to her so I had to get her autograph. On the other side was a Latino drumming group who was, apparently, very funny. I understood ¨here we are...¨and that was about it.

We fly home tomorrow.

Oh, and James Brown died. Woza James. As Joey the Lips Fagan would say, James Brown was oul.
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