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I swear, new readers, I usually have more content than you have seen this month. Christmas Story ate my brain in a bad way, now I'm in the scramble to finish everything that didn't get done before/during the show so I can go to Mexico for a couple days. I'm hoping to get presents wrapped, cards finished and laundry folded tonight, but history has shown I'll probably just accomplish a couple beers and maybe some TV.

1. How many more things do you have to buy to finish your holiday shopping? (gah!)

2. Have you ever had to go out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning to buy a present for someone? What was it? (I decided I needed to add a bottle of wine to my sister-in-law's gift on Christmas Morning one year.)

3. Did you buy a present for someone that just makes you laugh when you think about it this year? Who is it for? (userinfokahteeyah and userinfoscooterpbakes are about tied for me.)

Okay - off to work - wish me luck!
Tags: stage managing, theatre, travel

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