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Today is the first day of Winter Camp at Ye Olde Youth Theatre. I got an idea that we should do a mini Triple Threat Camp, since that is one of our most popular programs. The instructors got the idea of doing a scene around the musical number instead of just learning some technique or scene work. I found a song we used at last year's camp, located a copy of the script and done! The teachers are pleased. We"ll see what the kids think.

Luckiky, I am not teaching. I have Schrodinger's Cold going on - that state where you're sick but it could be a cold or it could be allergies. 6am appears to be The Hour of The Snottening either way. I wake up impossibly congested, coughing and wheezing. Taking Afrin before bed has helped, but I forgot last night.

Tonight after Camp I am going to the Performing Arts Center holiday party and then Mike D and lilbluegnomeo are coming over for dinner. Looking forward to all of that
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