Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Welcome 2020

It was the mellowest of New Year's Eves. lonelydumptruck[Unknown LJ tag] and I got to have an all-too short coffee date with adiva_calandia and I spent the rest of the day meeting/training with the Outgoing ED and the New ED (whom I shall call Coach)

It was 50 degrees yesterday morning, but the forecast claimed the temperature was going to get down to 17 degrees with 4-8 inches of snow. Rage City scoffed and fretted as it stsrted to drizzle but it was snowing by 7pm.

We'd already planned to stay in for New Year's Eve. We have a ton of frozen snacks leftover from Santa Watch and Gixmas (a holiday celebration in our D&D campaign that coincides with the DM's birthday) We invited a few people to drop by but only one person came. It was still fun to tromp out into the snow to watch the illegal fireworks at Midnight.
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