Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Happy Caturday

Neighbor Lady continues to visit regularly.

Not knowing her parents/owners, I try *really* hard to remember I don't know the circumstances - maybe she bawls at the door or begs to be let out to come get gooshy food from us - but it is really, really hard not to say "Fuck Neighbor Lady's Dad" when it's below zero and she's crying on our doorstep. I keep thinking we should get her a litterbox. But I also recognize that is just admitting we now own a cat.

She spent all of Christmas Eve and Christmas with us and she's been with us since last night when lonelydumptruck went out to get something from his car about 9pm and she was on the doorstep. She's been getting to know us and is getting friendlier by the day. She used to avoid being in the living room while we were watching TV to the point we thought it might be hurting her ears. Now she curls up on the arms of the couch, on our laps or in her favorite chair. She loved watching The Mandalorian and Harley Quinn with us.

Our nerd kitty.
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