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Some fun for the day off...

Let's see where this goes...
1. Copy these instructions and the list below into your own LJ.
2. Add your name at the TOP of the list.
3. Include one fact about yourself.
4. Be brief, be honest, don't worry about being interesting.

ghost_light Although I have a license, I do not drive.
threadhead I want a minivan. (Ack! Did I just say that out loud?)
bak2oz I am so lazy that if I was any animal, I'd be a dead sloth.
sweetpea86 I am convinced that no one but me can properly load a dishwasher.
peter_abelard04 I can never remember the lyrics to songs, so I often make up offensive and obscene lyrics while I sing them to myself.
adameros I am obsesive compulsive about cleaming my ears. I see a q-tip, I gotta clean.
nobodobodon I am allergic to Bell Peppers.
woeful_poetess I let my rottweiler dog sleep on my bed

which member of something positive are you?

quiz created by heatherbat
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