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Best moments in Childrens Theatre

Romeo and Juliet is currently running about 3 hours. I still predict when can cut 30-45 minutes off the show when people are tighter on their lines and set changes, but the length of the show was the topic of most of the post-rehearsal speech the other night. As the director was explaining how he has seen 6 hr. operas, one of the older girls blurted out "6 hours! I can't SLEEP that long!"

Not long after that, one of the adults asked if anyone could define "suspension of disbelief". One of the boys raised his hand high. "Willing suspension of disbelief is when you are in the audience of a play and something absolutely impossible happens, but you want to believe it could happen anyway so you just sort of go "eh!""

And - the one that made my life worth living this week - one of the older boys was complaining he's starting to lose his voice, so I was kidding around with him "You know that's not allowed. We open next week. You lose your voice and I'll kick your butt...and I have long legs, i can kick all day." And one of the little kids came running up to me "If your legs get short, can I help?!?"
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