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Well, it appears four is Tybalt's lucky number. Yesterday afternoon, the fourth person to offer to take in the poor boy is the proud owner of a slightly used tuxedo cat. Mark called me at lunch to let me know he was dropping Tibby off. Luckily Tibby said goodbye to me in the nicest way that morning. I was feeding him and right after he stuck his head in the bowl at started porking away, he suddenly jerked his head up and looked just like a person going "OH shit! I almost forgot!!" and then walked all the way around me and rubbed against my legs before settling back down to eat. It was terribly sweet.

People at work seem to have remembered a temp is there to help everyone out, not just the person in who's chair she sits, so they have been keeping me busy as a fluffer at a porno marathon. It's kind of a nice change. The person I usually double for at the temp gig just left on paternity leave for an unspecified amount of time. That's one of the great/worst things about this office "Sam's gone for a while. We think we'll need you for at least a couple weeks, but we're not sure when he's coming back".

I'm still working at getting on with the theatre for good, but I'm just so gun shy after ANSP all I feel is anxious. What really cracks me up about the whole thing was my Free Will Astrology from the day I was offered the job

"Your trust was violated in the past, and you still feel the wound. You keep it in the background of your awareness, fascinated with the way it never really heals. Though I sympathize, I want you to know that it's time to move on. Your horrified disbelief about having been treated so badly is close to becoming just another bad habit. Your instinct for self-protection is threatening to devolve into indulgent self-pity. What should you do? The first thing is to forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. The second step is to restore your trust in yourself. Third, find a way to feel gratitude for those who abused your trust. Yes, you heard me right: Be thankful for all they taught you about how to become yourself. "
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