Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Mother Fucking Gators in the Mother Fucking Swamp

I told userinfoadiva_calandia I would race her to blog this. I, of course, lost because I was really tired and got busy unpacking the AMAZING box of Halloween treats from my BPAL Switch Witch but...

We had our first read-through for "A Christmas Story" last night. The kid cast as Ralphie had to drop out, so the director was reading all the little boys in the cast to see which one might step into the roll.

We got to the scene where Ralphie is imagining that he will save all his friends who are lost deep in the Indiana swamps. Now, you might imagine that Ralphie would be Indiana Jones. Maybe Steve Irwin if you wanted to modernize things a bit more.

Last night, we got a 9-year-old Samuel L. Jackson.
Tags: bpal, stage managing, theatre, things that only happen in theatre

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