Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thursday Theatre Thoughts

I am going to embrace the fact I"ll never catch up on my tiny reviews of what shows I've read so far this year. I have decided I'll post about one that I loved:

Space Girl
Arugula Suarez just wants to fit in. But it's not easy when you're a sixteen-year-old alien from the planet Zlagdor. Stuck in a world where the only things that make sense are roller derby and salad, Arugula and her father, Nancy, must find out what it means to be human before time runs out for Planet Earth.

Just from the synopsis, I'm sure most of you will know exactly why it is up my alley. I was honestly expecting a subpar experience, but this is a very honest, heartfelt script. Arugula doesn't fit in because she is from a war-driven planet. When she finally makes a friend, the girl is an outcast at school, like Arugala. She teaches Arugula about books and reading.

Nancy, her dad, is an anthropologist and wildly enamored of all things Earthlings do...until he is arrested and begins to see the uglier side of humanity.

It's a beautiful, tragic tale that just won't leave my thoughts.
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