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Another Sims Report

The Rossi Family

Brian and Saffron continue to do well. He rose to the ranks of General and has no plans to retire in the near future. Saffron retired from being Captain Hero to spend time writing true-crime novels. She was a moderate success but, while researching the paranormal for one of her books, she had a vision of a young girl being abducted near the Magic Beans Coffee shop. On a lark, she called to let one of her old friends from the force know. The officer was sitting in the parking lot and looked up just in time to thwart the crime. Saffron was shocked to discover that she had something of The Gift! She rejoined the force as a police medium.

Corbin and Carmen left for college, taking most of the musical instruments and the hydroponic garden with them. They moved in with their cousins Quentin and Emma. Corbin decided to major in physics in preparation for a career in medicine and he proposed to Carmen during their first vacation home. Carmen set out to major in drama, but she soon found it difficult to balance her social schedule and academics. She was the one who suggested turning their house into a fraternity and she was the one who stole their Greek letters. They will be graduating next semester and already picked out wallpaper for the nursery of their future home.

The Corimer Family

Sorrel Endicott (now Cormier) is still a vampire and an actress. She is also an honest woman now. Count Adam Cormier returned to her life now that their twin girls are old enough to leave for college, he finally agreed to move in with her and proposed,

Sorrel's eldest child (and the one by her college boyfriend, Rodney), Quinten, finally learned to study and improved his grades enough to leave for college. He moved in with his cousins and was instrumental in helping them create the hottest fraternity on campus. He majored in physics, the same as his cousin Corbin, with plans to become a mad scientist. He focused on his studies more than his social life (in contrast to his cousins). Part of his struggle seemed to be that he could not decide if he wanted to date men or women and he could not commit to either, Finally he encountered a Sim that made him overcome his fear of commitment - Roxie Sharpe.

The twins, Cassandra and Josette, are planning to leave for college soon. Neither are very focused on skill building and there are certain to be lean times ahead when the leave the nest. No one is quite sure why they are even thinking of college considering that Cassandra is only interested in going to parties and Josette's life-goal is having 50 dream dates.

The Phillipine Family

Sage Endicott is no longer dead.

While Saffron was researching the paranormal for her book, she encountered ways to resurrect the dead. Not wanting to completely fuck with the laws of nature, she decided to attempt to reanimate one already dead - her sister Sage. Sage returned to the family intact physically, but still suffering from amnesia. Instead of aspiring to be a chef, she is now determined to spend her unlife as the life of the party. Inexplicably, she fell for her former enemy Samuel Phillipine and he for her. The married in a lovely moonlight ceremony and had a baby girl straight off. Sage won the coin toss on what to name her - Juniper. Samuel always dreamed of having a large family, so he immediately adopted a little boy named Alec. Once Alec and Juniper were old enough to start making plans for college, they had another baby, a girl named Ginger.

Sage stoutly refused to turn Samuel into a vampire for most of their marriage. The kids joked it so he could take care of them during the day. Finally, on the day he was going to become an elder, Sage gave her beloved husband the gift of eternal life and youth.

Alec and Juniper endured a childhood of jokes about how Corbin and Carmen grew up as brother and sister and ended up falling in love, but their was no love lost between this pair.

Juniper set her sights on becoming a pediatrician and went to college with a large number of scholarships under her belt. She just pledged the family fraternity house along with her cousin and best friend, Electra, and she hopes to be a full member very soon.

Alec, red dreadlocks and all, is utterly fascinated by the fact that his parents are vampires. He is keenly interested in studying the effects of vampirism on different systems and may skip college to pursue first-hand experiments. He already knows what he is going to ask for as a graduation present - he wants to become a vampire himself.

Ginger, so far, is another little anomaly in the family tree. She appears to be the first of Christopher's brood to have an innate fashion sense. She has color coordinated clothes so far, but we will have to see if the trend continues when she becomes a teenager.
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