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A Very Overdue Sims Report

Since the last Sim report, Endicott family founder Christopher Endicott passed away peacefully in his living room. He died just before his son-in-law Adam Graham gave birth to a baby girl. The alien father was not present for the birth either. Adam named his black-eyed, dark-haired, green-skinned daughter Electra. Luckily his wife, Sonnet, fell in love with the baby at first sight and helped him raise little Electra the same as they raised their two children.

Everyone expected that the little green-skinned drama queen would want to be an actress like her aunt Sorrel, but Electra proved to be full of surprises. She instead set her sights on a career in politics. She recently left for college and pledged her family fraternity house. She decided to major in Political Science.

Adam and Sonnet's oldest child, Ethan, met a lovely young lady with hair the color of freshly grated Parmesan and lips as red as the wax around a fine loaf of Wensleydale. And the best part? Tosha loves grilled cheese sandwiches just as much as Ethan! He proposed the same day they graduated from high school and they are the proud parents of a boy named Stilton and a girl named Racelette. Racelette is very special - she is the first in the legacy to have green eyes instead of grey! Stilton has high hopes of becoming a pirate when he grows up.

Emma, Ethan's younger sister, left for college shortly after Ethan and Tosha's wedding. Her early experiences accompanying her mother on jobs and seeing the crime syndicate of Barbecue Hill first hand made a big impression on Emma. She made a promise to herself to help the innocent of her community and help fight crime in all of its incarnations. She moved into a lovely townhouse and founded a fraternity with her cousins Carmen, Corbin and Quinten and majored in Psychology. Emma was an excellent student, but often unlucky in love. She had several boyfriends, but none of them were very good to her. Luckily this changed when she went on a blind date with a fellow student named Jerome Taylor. Jerome and Emma hit it off immediately and were deeply in love even before it was time for their first kiss goodnight. They moved in together as soon as they graduated.

And that was when Jerome made a terrible discovery...

Jerome had a sworn duty of his own; he had also pledged to take down the criminal mastermind of Barbecue taking over all of her rackets for himself! Now he discovered that the mastermind was none other than his mother-in-law! WIll he be able to stay with Emma knowing this? Will he continue his plans to take over the city in spite of Emma and her family? Or will he turn his back on his dreams in the face of true love? Will he even go so far as to submit to be re-programed and try to discover a new path to happiness?

You, my dear readers, can help him decide.
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