Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

The Visitor

Last night I skipped out on Crooked Toad rehearsal to hang out with some old friends. While we were chatting, I got this text from lonelydumptruck:

"Invited the neighbor lady over for a tour."

"Think she's locked out. She came over to ask if it was true that I was a hooman, and if so could I open her door for her. I admitted that I was, but regrettably could not help."

I didn't get home until a couple hours later and lonelydumptruck came out to meet me, which is rare. A few seconds later the kitty came pelting out after him. Apparently she hadn't let him out of her sight the entire evening. We led her back to her house (we think), but it was too late to knock and she followed us right back. She sat outside for a while after we went in and was gone when we got up. I'm curious if she will come back tonight.
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