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I saw my wonderful, dithering Doc today for my follow-up. Apparently I have very dense breast tissue so the mammogram didn't really get a good look (not surprising, my mom and my aunt have the same thing) but in the physical exam he wasn't really able to find the cyst in question again so they don't need to do a biopsy to get a look at it. The word for now is that it's fibrocystic disease (my aunt also has that)which I characterized as "second verse, more of the first." I'm supposed to keep an eye out for changes, cut down on caffeine(ha), give it up entirely, if possible, for a month before he sees me again (ha!) and come back in 6 months to be groped some more.

All in all, not a bad diagnosis for my growing collection.

The funny part of the whole visit was that the bug which has been chasing me for a couple weeks finally has me in a headlock. I'm achy and violently congested. I was feeling worse than normal on Monday, cruddy yesterday morning and last night the snot barrier came crashing down. (The funny is coming, I promise.) The Doc loves my poor deviated septum. He hasn't seen me with a bug yet, so this is his first experience with the way the entire right side of my face shuts down when I get the sniffles. He was poking around "So, you're not breathing too good on this side, are you?" and before I could even say "no" he plugs my left nostril and all I can get out was this pathetic, snot-laden squeak.

Being a good Doc, he notices that Mark came along to hold my hand and starts asking him about his health. Mark has also been under the weather for a couple of weeks so the Doc wrote him a prescription for an antibiotic in case one of the little darlings gave my a real bug and not just a cold and told Mark "Now, you've had it longer, so you take this and if you get better, then we'll write one for userinfoghost_light"

I like my Doc. Mark does too.
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