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Questions are late today because Mark and I are on vacation. We flew in to SeaTac in the dead of night to surprise my mom for her birthday. We pulled in at 2am and Dad (who was in on it) made her get out of bed to "come see something". And she was surprised! I thought she was going to cry.

We just hung out most of today, went shopping, visited my favorite aunt and we're going to dinner tonight before driving to Oregon to visit Mark's grandma, dad and Ila tomorrow. we got a big box of photos from my aunt and a ring that belonged to my great-grandma that fits! I've always wanted an opal ring.

I introduced mom to BPAL, so I might drag her on to be a guest reviewer.

And now questions, with help from mom (say 'Hi, mom')

1. What color is your house?

2. How old were you when you stopped thinking of your parents' house as home?

3. (and for my dad) who is your favorite ballplayer?
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