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Last week while driving home from Homer in the middle of a terrible snowstorm I got a strange urge. Out of the blue, I had a sudden craving to return to an on-line role playing game I hadn't logged into since about 1999. That, of course, led to doing it, which led to working on new character ideas for something to do while I answer phones for a couple hours a day in a very nice but very slow office and also led to rediscovering a lot of my old playmates here on livejournal.

The world is so strange that way sometimes.

In my other worlds - I've started helping the theatre clean out the office and set things up for Summer Conservatory when I'm not at the temp position. Both are oddly satisfying.

And for those nice enough to comment on my cold - it's finally getting a lot better. All the gunk decided it was finally time to leave my sinuses about 2:00 yesterday afternoon which led to a lot of strange looks as I spent half an hour with a kleenex attached to my face. The fact it was all Easter egg yellow was pretty disturbing, but it was sooooo goooooood to see it go.

Tybalt is going to a new home tonight. A friend of a friend is going to take the poor baby in. Apparently he lost a cat last week - it ran away or was stolen or (as Scott, bless his black little heart, said and voiced what was in the back of my head) was thrown out of a van in the middle of a snowstorm - and he really wants a replacement kid. I'm going to miss this little guy so much.

And - one last order of business so I might have something to read today while I'm working (no pressure)

1. Last books you read that you will actually remember fondly?
2. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
3. What did you want to be when you grew up circa 2nd grade?
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