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Adventures in BPAL

The Mock Turtle's Lesson
Not quite Turtle Soup: blurry aquatic notes, with a confusing, contrary splort of iris, ambrette, green apple, vodka, white mint and a squish of lime.

I tried this on yesterday because I was feeling brave.

Sniffing the imp I got strong mint and lime...ooo..this is going to be exciting. I thought I was going to smell like a yummy mohito all day long. Little did I know what was actually in store.

Dabbing it on: Oh! Oh! There is the min....helloooooooo iris!! The flowers just bloomed and gobbled any trace of the mint, vodka and lime. Aquatics? What's that? Iris lives here but, luckily, the iris was pleasant. Unexpected, but pleasant.

Within a couple minutes: warn powder...powder go. Not a bad powder, but nowhere near as nice as the soft rosy-powder of Blood Rose on me.

Then I got in the car to drive to work. That was when it all went wrong.

By the time I got to the office, all those the soft, delicate florals had turned mean. I now smelled like a grandma. On me, this hoped-for libation turned into the strongest little old lady perfume I've ever smelled and it just kept getting stronger. I felt like I'd been mugged by a nursing home.