Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

The day off!

Mark and I had a pretty lazy day off yesterday. We walked to the store, made a champagne brunch and went to see Ed. He is doing so much better! Hopefully he will be moved out of ICU in the next couple of days. We went to Summit Spices for the first time. Now I know where I am doing the majority of this year's Christmas Stocking buying. We watched Shopgirl, finally, and I cried the whole way through, then we went to see A Scanner Darkly. Wow. I do not remember the book well enough to be sure how great the adaption is, but the script was marvelous. Mark doesn't really believe me, but I caught what I think was a little inside joke. Early on, when they are describing how the suit works, one of the images that flashed by on it was Philip K. Dick.

1. What is the longest you have ever had your hair?

2. If Livejournal were a reality game show, what elimination challenge would you propose for your friends list?

3. If, like Dr. Sam Beckett, you were leaping at random into any year of your lifetime, what year would you most fear entering?

By the way, if I really am the only one on this friend lift watching Life on Mars, I am ashamed of all of you. Deeply ashamed. I want you all to go to your rooms and think about what you have done.
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