November 23rd, 2021



I'm plugging away at physical therapy. It's really different this time, more like the first. That was discovering how many exercises I couldn't do. Every other trip through PT has been massages and hot pads.

This is a lot of work.

And I seem to be kicking ass. Things hurt, but the therapist says she can tell I'm improving and getting stronger. Today I had to do all the exercises with my top off so she could actually see how my back works with my curves.

Lsst week she evaluated my vertigo and that was a special slice of hell.

It basically involved her jerking me backwards and to one side to see if she could set it off, which would indicate it's a middle ear dysfunction as opposed to something like wax. The first flip left me gripping the table with both hands yelling "Ohshitohshitohshitohshit!!" And I couldn't change until the spinning stopped.

We're going to try the other side next week.