October 20th, 2021

Ghost_Light Grave

Hooptober Review #15!

Super Hot (2021)

Rules Fulfilled:

Watch and Review 31 Horror Movies before Halloween: 14/31


This movie should not have been as good as it was.

A pizza delivery girl learns her crush is moving into a sorority house full of (wait for it) vampires. So she enlists her horn dog best friend, their not-as-much-of-nerd pal and her crush's heartbroken ex to rescue her crush before she gets vamped.

But wait. There's more.

The vampire sorority girls have also stolen a magic book and they need a virgin sacrifice for a magic ritual. (prompting extended arguments between the nerd-squad about who is or isn't still carrying their v-card and lonelydumptruck to ask, multiple times, "are we sure they're vampires and not witches?")

And the ritual is to resurrect...(drumroll please)....Dracula!

The whole thing is a kind of like sardines or pineapple on pizza - it shouldn't work, but somehow it is delicious.

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