September 20th, 2021

To Do Part Deaux

Belated Goals Check-In

Watch 175 new (to me) movies: 165/175

Watch 10 movies from the AFI Top 100 list (…)
1. It Happened One Night
2. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Post reviews of 5 movies each month ( Hooptober is included in that): 15/60

Complete the Hooptober Challenge (…)

Watch 12 Shakespeare plays or adaptions: 3/12

Watch 1 movie from each decade 1920's-2020's:
1910: The Immigrant
1920: The Phantom Carriage
1930: Grand Hotel
1940: Curse of the Cat Peoplw
1950: A Kiss Before Dying
1960: Village of the Damned
1970: The Satanic Rites of Dracula
1980: Hopscotch
1990: The Scooby Doo Project
2000: The Green Butchers
2010: The Wind
2020: Cinderella

Revist 3 movies I hated the first time I saw them: 2/3

Read 150 scripts:133/150

Read 5 books: 8/5!

Listen to 15 audiobooks:9/15

See 15 live or streamed shows (recorded live performances count): 28/15!

Walk, bike or skate 3 times a week:

Do physical therapy stretches 4 times a week: 47/208

Lose 30 pounds: Nope

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September Goals:

Start Hooptober Challenge: Yes!
Listen to or watch 1 musical a week
1. Hadestown
2. Fortress of Solitude
Finish cataloging and shelving play collection

Kids in Theatre!

Friday I taught a brand new game to my improv class, one I've never tried before. It's called Always/Never/Also.

Basically, you go around the circle and introduce the person next to you as some wacky character and that person has to acceptand agree. For example:

Person A: This is Sunshine. She's a long-haul trucker.

Person B: I sure am! I like drivin' so much, I'm drivin' right now!

The kids seemed to love it, especially this one:

Youngest Kid: (gleefully thinking he's getting away with something) This is my friend Peter! He got bit by a radioactive spider!!"

New Kid: (completely deadpan) Yes. I'm hideously deformed now.