June 18th, 2021


I Owe You More Than This

But I helped save a bee today!

One of the teens came to me with a giant bumblebee on her script. Naturally, not everyone was welcoming to a OMG THAT IS A GIANT BEE being brought close to the door, but I loudly proclaimed:

"This is a bumblebee and he is our friend. We need to be kind and save our friends!"

My Ducklings and Swans, I was not at all cool or adult about this. I wss giddy about making sugar wster for a big ol' bumblebee.

I gave it a couple drops with a coffee stirer and, my hand to Zod, it reached out and grabbed the stirer!! I saw it's little probiscious come out. Poor Sparkles was trying to get the kids to go in for class and I was trying to get them to look at the bee's "tongue"

I was so Not The Adult but it was so cool!!!!!