May 9th, 2021

Pondering Eliot

Today's Trivia

Going back to the Horror Trivial Pursuit

At the end of The VVitch (2015), what does Thomasin write in the book belonging to Black Phillip?

And the answer to yesterday's question:

How many grammy awards has Jimmy Buffett won?

To Do Part Deaux

Goals Check-In

Watch 175 new (to me) movies: 79/175

Watch 10 movies from the AFI Top 100 list (…)
1. It Happened One Night
2. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Post reviews of 5 movies each month ( Hooptober is included in that): 6/60

Complete the Hooptober Challenge (…)

Watch 12 Shakespeare plays or adaptions: 1/12

Watch 1 movie from each decade 1920's-2020's:
1920: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1930: She
1940: Curse of the Cat People
1950: The Thing From Another World
1960: Frankenstein Created Woman
1970: Tommy
1980: Dressed to Kill
1990: The Boondock Saints
2000: Attack of the Clones
2010: Synchronic
2020: The Vast of Night

Revist 3 movies I hated the first time I saw them: 1/3

Read 150 scripts:88/150

Read 5 books: 6/5!

Listen to 15 audiobooks:5/15

See 15 live or streamed shows (recorded live performances count): 13/15

Ride, bike or skate 3 times a week: 3

Do physical therapy stretches 4 times a week: 29/208

Lose 30 pounds: Down a bit but I probably gained it back tonight..

Post more comments: better...

May Goals:
Go through t-shirts

Read in August Wilson's Century Cycle 3/10

Create gaming bookshelf

Look into selling books to Powell's