April 16th, 2021

Real Kids

Blew Kids' Minds

I blew the minds of my two little dudes in the Acting for All class.

Little E. is young, hyper and SO excited! He's in my improv class too, so he has already done some of the games I am starting to teach in acting, like Million Ways To.

The premise of the game is simple: there are a million ways to walk into a room. Like a ballerina. Like a scuba diver. Like you are filled with helium. Little E. didn't mean to bust my chops, but he hollered "I've done that one!" or "Secret Favorite was so funny when he did that one!"

Finally I said "Okay guys, this is a really special one because I thought of you when it happened to me today. There are two inches of water on top of ice in my carport. I had to take the trash out (and here I began to demonstrate each step)and I watched...myself..and how if I stepped too quick I slipped, or if I tried to shuffle it got too slick..."

And I ahowed them each way I tried to walk and they were riveted.