April 15th, 2021

LJ Defunct

LiveJournal is 22 today!

Possibly one of the most boring cards...

Domain LiveJournal.com was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released, the 6 billionth inhabitant of the Earth was born in the city of Sarajevo, and Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time topped the world charts.
On April 15, 2021 LiveJournal turns 22 years old! LiveJournal celebrates its birthday and gives you a card with a bright event that happened the year you started your blog!

What happened in your life the year you started your blog?


Kids in Theatre

I've been teaching an online improv class and an in-person acting class for our kids. One of the online kids is Secretly My Favorite. He takes all my classes online and he's just a joy - plus he's at the age where he's super excited to tell all me about these "new" books he's discovered...like The Hardy Boys.

The highlight of this last improv class was a game of What Are You Doing? It's my favorite game anyway. If you don't know it, one person starts a simple physical gesture (I always start with miming brushing my hair), someone asks "What are you doing?" and I reply with something like "I'm painting my toenails" or "I'm petting my cat" - anything that looks nothing like what I'm miming and the person who asked starts miming what I said I am doing.

In this case, I said "I'm standing in front of the microwave hoping I get super powers!" My Secret Favorite turned his back to the camera and, at the last second, did this strange little hitch that looked exactly like he'd just put his junk in the microwave.

I laughed so hard I almost had to turn off my camera.
Chicken and Egg

Today I Learned About

George Shuba

George Shuba, the Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder who played in three World Series during the 1950s but who was best remembered for his welcoming gesture to Jackie Robinson at home plate on the day Robinson, as a minor leaguer, broke baseball’s color barrier, died on Monday at his home in Youngstown, Ohio. He was 89.