January 10th, 2021

Sims - Felix


With the new year, I decided all my Sims deserved a makeover.

This is Diet Cola. Her dad is another player's Sim, Coca Cola.

I'm really hoping to get an item with bubble effects for her someday.
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ghost_light recommends...


I found this on Crunchyroll but there are episodes on YouTube.

The first season is an adorable 2 minutes about a young woman who loves going out to eat alone. She finds the perfect pairing of food and drink she makes a happy little "pshuuuu" It's pure sunshine.

The second season is live-action. I've only see one of those, but my favorite part is that they take time at the end to say "Hey. This is where she ate in the show, these are the cooks, here is the address and the hours." It's so pure.
To Do Part Deaux

Goals Check-In

Watch 175 new (to me) movies: 12/175

Watch 10 movies from the AFI Top 100 list (https://www.afi.com/afis-100-years…)
1. It Happened One Night

Post reviews of 5 movies each month ( Hooptober is included in that): 1/60

Complete the Hooptober Challenge (https://letterboxd.com/cinemonster…)

Watch 12 Shakespeare plays or adaptions: 0/12

Watch 1 movie from each decade 1920's-2020's:
1930: It Happened One Night
1940: A Night in Casablanca
1970: The House That Dripped Blood
1980: Yentl
2000: The Royal Tenenbaums
2010: The Happytime Murders
2020: Yearly Departed

Revist 3 movies I hated the first time I saw them: 0/3

Read 150 scripts:11/150

Read 5 books: 0/5

Listen to 15 audiobooks:0/15

See 15 live or streamed shows (recorded live performances count): 0/15

Ride, bike or skate 3 times a week: 8/156

Do physical therapy stretches 4 times a week: 6/208

Lose 30 pounds: Down a pound

Post more comments: Improving

And goals specifically for January:

Buy a new suit (I've outgrown my current one and there might be shows to work at the Performing Arts Center soon)

Figure out the slant board/inversion table for my back

Contact Ping Chong about Kind Ness (Kind Ness is a show I did in college. I lost my copy of it and can't find it published anywhere. I actually met the playwright, Ping Chong, a few years ago so I just need to put on my big girl panties and ask where I can acquire a copy)

Finish cataloging and shelving my collection of plays