January 7th, 2021


Last Night

Yesterday would have been lonelydumptruck's Dad's 80th birthday. Lori-O wanted to do something different this year, so we all agreed on a walk down at the lagoon.

Jenny, Lori-O, lonelydumptruck and I met up, Jay wasn't feeling well. It was pretty cold so most of the walk was crossing the ice groomed for skating so we could stand at the burn barrel.

We chatted and played music Dad liked, or that we liked, until it got stupid cold. It was really wonderful.


Helpful Babo

We bought a new entertainment center this week, which required moving the DVDs stored there, which gave me the urge to purge, which required gathering up all the DVDs in the house so we can look through them.

Babo offered to help but spent the whole time picking out movies to watch with Big Toe on Saturday.