August 9th, 2020

Does Not Want!

Don't Wanna

I just have the worst Don't Wannas today. I don't feel like writing, I don't feel like commenting. I don't wanna read, don't feel like television....just...blegh
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ghost_light recommends...

Food Wars!

It's an older animae. The first season just dropped on Netflix and we...might be mildly obsessed.

My Ducklings and Swans, it is so much fun! It is hilarious, gorgeous food porn.

And speaking of porn...

Yehh, it's a bit porn-y. Every time someone tries the lead character's food it is just that good, and the imagery is often hilarious. And then there are the times he mzkes a horrible dish on purpose. That imagery? Well, I got to yell "lonelydumptruck! You're missing the honey-dipped tentacle groping!"

I waffled about recommending this here, but damn, it is just that good.
To Do Part Deaux

Goals Check-In

Watch 150 new (to me) movies: 126/150

Watch 10 movies on the AFI Top 100 List
6/10. The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, King Kong, Taxi Driver, Vertigo, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Watch a movie from each decade 1920-2020:

1920:He Who Gets Slapped
1930: King Kong
1940: The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1950: Some Like It Hot
1960: The Apartment
1970: Sugar Hill
1980: King of Comedy
1990; Matilda
2000: Jennifer's Body
2010: Parasite
2020: Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Read 100 plays: 108/100

Read 3 books: 1/3

Listen to 10 audiobooks: 15/10

See 12 shows live: 10/12

Skate 3 times:

Ref 3 bouts:

Lose 20 pounds: Meh

Post more comments: Meh