July 20th, 2020

Birthday/Life Clock

Birthday Weekend!

It was a truly awesome time!

lonelydumptruck and I got up vaguely early to pick up his car from the shop. He grabbed Malasada on the way home then we headed out to Metro Cooks to pick out some pots and pans for my present. I got some pretty ones including a 6-quart pasta pot with the strainer so I might be able to make pasta on my own again. I have trouble lifting a big pot.

We ran some errands to get ready for the weekend away and then hit the road to Homer! We were never quite hungry to deal with the lines at any of the fast food places, so we pretty much drove straight through. We dropped off our stuff and then headed to Alice's Champagne Palace for burgers on the deck. I'm just not comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant yet.

Mike D. and lilbluegnomeo pulled in just after we got back to the room. We didn't have a stove in our room, but there was a grill on the deck and a big firepit out on the lawn so we headed outside immediately. We made the biggest, hottest fire in the World, cooked hot dogs and watched a huge fog bank roll in over the Bay. It looked right out of a Stephen King novel. The fog rolled up over the bluffs where we were sitting until suddenly we were shrouded in clouds. It was fucking magic.

Saturday we went to the outdoor Farmers' Market for fresh shrimp and some additional herbs. I adore shrimp and grits, so lonelydumptruck decided that was what I should have. Cooking it all on the grill was a challenge, but a fun one. We spent the afternoon playing board games and sitting outside. lilbluegnomeo made an amazing beef, barley and mushroom stew for diner.

Sunday we decided not to undertake the Chopped Kitchen Challenge of making breakfast on the grill and instead opted to hit McDonalds on the way back to town. lonelydumptruck and I hit the traffic coming back from fishing on the Peninsula, but we still made it home in time to fry up some of the leftover shrimp and polenta (we couldn't find grits) and watch pretty much all of Cursed on Netflix.