July 15th, 2020

Real Kids

To Remember

When I teach improv, I always tell my actors "make the suggestion your own" or "do what it means to you."

They best version of that I have ever seen was a member of an improv troupe I was in back in September of 2001.

This guy was on stage shortly after 9/11 and had to play Death In a Minute. As is tradition, he asked for a way to die and some jackhole ahouted "Death by anthrax!!"

All of the air went out of the room.

This guy, very calmly, raised his hand and said "I'll take it." And he mimed putting on a pair of headphones and began to headbanged until he fell over dead.

Death by Anthrax.

That story is hard to explain to kids to begin with and it gets harder every year at Ye OldeYouthTheatre. Fortunately, something happened a couple Camps ago.

We were playing What Are You Doing? and a young hero was given "I'm singing Lady Gaga".

Make the suggestion your own. Do what it means to you.

This young hero took a deep breath and began belting out "Lady GaGAAAAAAAAA!! Ga-ga! Ga-ga!"