June 18th, 2020

Ghost_Light Daisies

Today Is International Panic Day!

1. What % is your phone battery on right now?

2. You just swapped your loads of laundry and you spy a pair of your undies on the floor- do you automatically assume they are clean or dirty?

3. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Bill Masks

Thursday Theatre Thoughts

Things are so strange this year.

Tomorrow is the last day of Advanced Conservatory. We're supposed to have shows all weekend. I'm supposed to be dashing about consoling actors and finding last minute replacements for broken props. I'm supposed to be whipping up last minute ticket sales and reassuring parents they will be able to get into the show. I'm supposed to be setting up merch tables and organizing the pizza lunch for the cast that sold the most tickets. I'm supposed to be listening to our sound designer and student stage managers bitch about each other. There are supposed to be shows.

This year we have only one show. The kids have no formal costumes but they brought in color-coded tee-shirts to indicate their characters. They cannot touch. They cannot share props. They have no set or lights. Everything has been recorded for future audiences. Their final performance will be done outdoors and live streamed to their families.

Everything is different. Except one kid is in tears. That never changes.
News Flash


I started this a couple weeks ago - I am going to try to not brush my hair between now and my birthday in hopes of taming some of this frizz. So far I look more like a homeless chia pet than ever.