June 10th, 2020



It's been an exciting day around here.

I finally called the Dealership to see if Lindy's parts had come on, since it has been a couple weeks. Of course they had and today at the ass crack of dawn was when they could fit her in to finish the repairs.

I went back to bed for the rest of the morning. Just as I was getting up, the tree removal service arrived. I joke our whole property would be a forest in a couple years if we just left it alone. Two years ago we had 9 or so trees cut down, but the stars of our yard are enormous twin spruce trees in our backyard.

Spruce beetles killed them, so they are coming down today. I don't even know whst the yard will be like without them
Mao Say Cat

Muppet Update

The x-ray shows something pressing on her liver. They have to do more tests to determine if it is a tumor or something else. She's still not eating but she has drunk water. Mostly she just wants to curl up quietly by herself.