June 8th, 2020

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I Crack Myself Up

Our next door neighbors have 3 dogs, Chip, Freckles and one who's name I never quite catch.

The doggos spend a lot of time outside. Chip and What's His Name are Very Good Boys. Freckles wants to be a good dog, but he has some challenges. He's a barker, a nipper and a digger. The only reason his last attempt at digging into our yard failed is he picked a spot with too many tree roots.

The neighbors have a ladder leaned up against our fence today and my first thought was "Oh, Freckles' latest escape attempt is in action..."
Nemo 1/2 Transvestite Kitty

Good Thoughts

16 years ago I helped my friend pick out a kitten to replace his long-time kitty. I wanted to name her Trekkie Monster. He named her Muppet.

He is taking Muppet for what might be her last vet appointment tomorrow.

Please think of Muppy. We aren't ready.