May 20th, 2020On this day in different years


Lindy Car

I took Lindy to our regular mechanic last week. She needed a plethora of things: she was still in her Winter tires, was overdue for an oil change, both headlights were burned out (again) and she had some sort of slow leak.

As always, Pete was great. She ended up staying overnight because he wanted to take another crack at finding the leak when he was fresh. He managed to figure out she's leaking oil but not how to fix it. Volkswagen is so goddamn property that, in his words "I went online and it just says to remove the engine plate to expose the gaskets but it doesn't tell me what the damn plate looks like!"

So he suggested she go to the Dealership, which happened today. She actually has TWO leaks. The vacuum pump (which pumps the oil?) is "puking oil" - the mechanic was very clear on that and repeated several times - PUKING oil and needs an expensive and lengthy repair. He's thinking it will take 2 days. There is a smaller leak from a valve cover gasket which could be dealt with in a few months. But the vacuum pump PUKING oil needs to be done now.

I called Pete to see if he could do the repairs now that he knows what to look for, but he needed me to call the dealer back to get the parts numbers because he couldn't find them in the catalog so I am not too hopeful.