May 10th, 2020


Life Now

I've been doing mostly okay. Not having shows to work on is hard. I've been playing a lot of Sims Mobile and other phone games. I've read a lot of plays. I feel like I could be more productive but the chance to just sit and consume media has also been nice.

I've tried to keep some things scheduled regularly so I have things look forward to, like Thursday Night Trivia and weekly Zoom chats with lonelydumptruck's family.
I'm going to teach some on-line classes for Ye Olde Youth Theatre next week. We're still hoping to have camps at the end of the month so I feel like my free time is slipping away.
To Do Part Deaux

Goals Check-In

Watch 150 new (to me) movies: 85/150

Watch 10 movies on the AFI Top 100 List
4/10. The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, King Kong, Taxi Driver

Watch a movie from each decade 1920-2020:

1920:Un Chien Andalou
1930: King Kong
1940: The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1950: Some Like It Hot
1960: The Apartment
1970: Ganja and Hess
1980: Tron
1990; Matilda
2000: Jennifer's Body
2010: Newsies the Broadway Musical
2020: The Grudge

Read 100 plays: 60/100

Read 3 books:

Listen to 10 audiobooks: 9/10

See 12 shows live: 7/12

Skate 3 times:

Ref 3 bouts:

Lose 20 pounds: Meh

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