April 2nd, 2020


Deja Bullshit

I got in to see Dr. Buddy today. Luckily he was never sick, he was exposed by a couple asymptomatic patients and had to quarantine.

My hips were so out of whack I couldn't keep my balance when he had me bend over and touch my toes. It was a tough adjustment but he got me put back together. I have a few gentle excercises to do, like dangling one leg off the bed, and orders not to do any strenuous exercise.

I also had him look at ear because it is bugging me again. It seema like it is always bugging me and I'm starting to get some low-grade vertigo again.

Guess what, my Ducklings and Swans? I have yet another massive ear infection. He kept saying things like "Your ear is a disaster!" and "It just looks terrible!" and, my favorite, "I wish I had a scope that takes pictures so you could see how much pus is in there. You'd say "Gross!"!"

Fun times.