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June 6th, 2019

Babo Has No Game

I came home the other night to find the front door open which could only mean one thing...

Babo was attempting to entertain the Neighbor Lady


Today Is National Moonshine Day!

1. What was the last movie you watched?

2. Do you now or have you ever worn glasses?

3. Do you often get hiccups?

Today's Dose of Strange


I just walked out of the office to discover a large, ornate glass growler sitting on a table in the theatre's lobby. It was not there last time I walked through the lobby. Then a homeless looking dude just ambles in like he owns the place.

I ask if I can help him. He says "Yes! I need my bottle!" He walks right past the bag of Taco Bell waiting for a student to pick up at lunch break, grabs the bottle and walks back to his tiny little bike leaned up against the front window.

Then he comes back in carrying a huge dictionary. I cannot figure out how he was even carrying it on that bike. He puts the dictionary down on the bench near the door, says "There's your book!" and rides off.