May 19th, 2019

To Do Part Deaux

Goals Check-In

Watch 104 new (to me) movies: 53/104
Read 52 plays: 44/52
Meet Up with Friends Four Times a Month: 24/48
Ref 6 bouts: 4/6
Skate at least once a month: 1/12
Post every day: Haven't cocked it up yet!
Ghost_Light Hamlet

What a Weekend!

I survived Reading Rendezvous on Saturday!

It's a yearly event where they let vsrious groups from the community set up booths on the lawn. We had to have at least one activity for attendees and they told us to plan to see at least 1,000 people.

I spent a good chunk of the week prepping. I found coloring or activity sheets for each show in our upcoming season, filled a trunk with puppets and costumes, our ED brought gobs of candy (and the Baby)...and it went so well! We ran out of flyers in the last half hour (250!)

Thank Zod the local comic book store gave away plastic bags so people had a place to put all the things they got from the booths. Next year, I want to print up bags with our logo and do more activity sheets like a wordfind. I'm damn excited!
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ghost_light recommends:

The Gamers.

A lot of their stuff is on Amazon right now.

Yonks and yonks ago, my oldest friend met a group of students making a comedy D&D movie set on their college campus. He never worked with them, but he always talked them up and bought me their first two movies for Christmas.

Fast forward to now: they have done several movies, all of them good, and their latest effort, Gamers: The Shadow Menace, is either a hilarious short or a pilot Amazon is obligated to pick up.