July 4th, 2014



Nocternacis  asked:   Do you think that you could survive a Zombie Apocalypse?


Well, being a huge aficionado of zombie movies and literature, I'd love to think I could.  I even a Zombie Contingency Plan which involves taking over this building:

But, let's, face it, I'm a slightly overweight asthmatic who has never fired a gun someone else didn't load for me.



Bert and Ernie


I made friends with the owners of Fuck You Rooster tonight, although Fuck  You Rooster is no more (he started attacking them when they left the house).  I was over at the fence talking to their ducks and Desiree offered me some chicken eggs.  It seems one of their hens likes to visit our yard, so Desiree and Romeny have come into our yard to fetch her often enough that Desiree brought over eggs and some freshly caught salmon.


I'm looking forward to hanging out with them.