March 14th, 2014

Sexy Stormtrooper

Clone Wars

This was probably the first clue I was destined to be a Phillip K. Dick fan, or at least that I was a very strange little kid.


I  clearly remember a very strong, visceral reaction to Star Wars mentioning The Clone Wars.  I remember a heart-seizing thrill of fear, not because I imagined the good guys going up against waves and waves of enemies all wearing the same face.


Because I imagined blowing open a bunker and finding someone in command wearing my face.

Roller Derby

Holy Derby!

There was scrimmage last night.


I started as an Outside Pack Ref, of course, and I had a second, huge ref takedown.  I was starting to skate pell mell down to the first turn to be in position just as someone was hurtling pell mell out of the box to rejoin the pack.  It was so fast I didn't even see who it was, but we hit hard enough she knocked me onto the track.  Then stopped to help me up. <3


I jam reffed for the All-Stars for the second half.  This was my second scrimmage in a row where Deuce did NOT get up my nose about missing points or not calling something correctly.  Yay!  Less sucking!  I missed lap points here and there, and mis-awarded some early on, but Pink was scorekeeping for me and held up corrections.  I got better the longer they skated.


As always, it's a LOT of skating for me because I am so bad at calling penalties.  My jammer only went to the box once.  30 seconds is really short!  They were kicking my ass last night, I was starting to fall a little behind towards the end, but I caught up every time.  I was so tired I was just giddy.  OMRefG gave me a huge hug after and Pink told me I had a 40 point jam.  She seemed impressed.  I was laughing that it didn't surprise me.


I finally did the math this morning.


A 40 point jam means I skated 9 laps in under 2 minutes.