February 14th, 2014

Ref Rabbit


I got to skate last night! I got to skate last night!  I've missed it so much I almost didn't realize how much I've missed it, you know?


I still suck, but it was okay, I'm better than I used to be., I still didn't make a call but I wasn't felled by a rink snake either (just pushed by Riot when she crashed out of bounds, but I didn't fall!)


I was outside pack ref the whole scrimmage because I was intimidated about sucking as jam ref.  I'll do it next week.  Outside pack reffing is a lot of skating, but my endurance is still pretty good.


We have a new ref, I didn't catch his derby name and he didn't talk to anyone.  We were both outside the whole time and he stayed in rotation pretty well.  I thought he clumped up too much when the pack was slow, but that's me.  I spaced starting position once and OMRefG corrected me.


It's so good to be back!

Ghost_Light Red

Happy Valentines Again

lonelydumptruck and I have a brr-lesque show tonight, so we'll probably keep things  low-key.  He got me another pack of user pics and a userhead to use for him, I got him downloadable content for his game. 


Tonight we're going to get a drink and snacks somewhere after the show.  The first pick is a new place opening in our neighbourhood.  They are not supposed to be open until tomorrow, but based on the number of cars there last night they sure look open to me!


We have a show tomorrow night too, so we'll either get lunch at the French restaurant where I have a gift certificate or we'll cook brunch Chopped style!  30 minutes to shop, 10 item limit, let's see what we can put together with those ingredients!  I'm pretty proud I thought of that.


Sunday we might do the other option and have Game Night, but I'm not sure about either.