December 9th, 2013

Ghost Light


I had most of an entry written about how busy our weekend was and all the work we've done in the crawlspace this weekend, but my phone helpfully ate it, leaving me room to write about rehearsal tonight.


Oh my Zod.


My Japaneses host sisters had an idiom where they would pat one hand over their heart and say "doki doki."  This was explained to us as everything from "I am  so excited I'm seeing where my favorite movie was shot I might die" to "I have very bad cramps", but the one that resonated was "My heart is very full."


That's all I can say about stepping into rehearsal tonight:  doki doki.


I have a deep passion for South African theatre and literature.  If I could go back to school for anything, career be damned, I would get my Masters in South African theatre.  I've had the topic of the thesis I'll never write  picked out for over 10 years. 


Syringa Tree is a one-woman show where she plays everyone in the life of a South African woman from her great-grand mother to her little brother, her black nanny to the nanny's daughter who is killed in Soweto.  I walked in more than halfway through the rehearsal process and I am not an outsider, I am a welcomed and valued member of the team.


Doki doki.