December 3rd, 2013



Your Spirit Dog is a Pug

You have a big personality, and you know how to light up a room with your fun and lively ways.
Like the pug, you are a natural charmer. You especially get along well with children.


You are attentive and clever. You don't zone out - you are present and engaged in everything you do.
While you mostly are playful and carefree, you have a strong willed side to you. You don't let anyone push you around.


Ghost Light

Happy 'Journal Day - Take 2!

My Livejournal is 10 years old today! I am thinking a good way to celebrate this milestone is hosting a friendzy!

You probably, all know the drill by now - post an intro below, get to know some fun people.

I will start, if,'journal doesn't mangle this post!

Hi! I'm ghost_light, I'm 43 and I suck at writing intros. I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my husband LonelyDumptruck and 296,000 other people.


I work days doing data entry (why yes, that is as exciting as it sounds) and helping out at a small real estate to afford what I really like to do - theatre and roller derby! 


I am a Talking Woman and resident stage manager for a burlesque troupe and I  stage and house manage for the Performing Arts Centre where I have been heckled by Bill Engvall and had Kenny G. stick his tongue out at me as we passed in the hall.


I am a  Skating Official (referee) in
the Derby Intelligence Compliance Squad for Anchorage's roller derby league.  Yes, that means we are DICS.
I look forward to meeting all of you!


So, post an intro, make some comments, find some new friends to enjoy!